Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday 24th Feb

Hobbes Leviathan
Sections 13, 14, 17, 21


Chaphter 13
1. Does Hobbes say there can be right and wrong in war? Do you agree?
2. What stops man from being at war with one another according to Hobbes? Do you agree?

Chaphter 14
1. What is a law of nature?
2. What is the fundamental law of nature, according to Hobbes?
3. What is the 2nd law of nature?
4. What is it to "lay down a right"? Do you think there are any rights we cannot give up in this way? Does Hobbes?

Chaphter 17
1. Hobbes explains why some animals live socialbly even though they cannot speak. What are his explanations? Do you find them convincing?

Chaphter 21
1. What is a free man? Do you think you would qualify as a free man?
2. Hobbes aruges, around pg 148, that the liberty of the subject is consistent with the unlimited power of the soverign. What is the arugment? Are you convinced by it?

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