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10th Feb 2010

10th Feb 2010 - 1st Seminar

Two readings;
M.Midgley, 'Trying Out One's New Sword'
Plato, The Repulic, pgs 43 - 55

Please consider the below questions. You do not need to write the answers down (though of course you can if that helps you) but please take some time to think about them. If you cant answer the below (especially the first few) then you probably havent understood the reading. It might be helpful to do it again slowly, focusing on the questions, email me, or turn up at the seminar with specific issues/questions can help you with.


1. Does Midgley agree with moral isolationsim?
2. What would the moral isolationist say in response to the view that 'the chinese one child policy is morally wrong'?
3. What is moral isolationism? Do you think it is a good position?
4. What arugments does Midgley provide in regards to moral isolationism around page 72?
5. What do you think of these arugments?


1. Would you agree that 'morality is a convience'? Would Glaucon?
2. Who does Glaucon aruge will be happier - the (truly) just man, or the unjust man? What do you think?
3. Does Glaucon think that we should want to be just, or that we should want to seem just? What is the difference?
4. Would you commit a crime such as theft if you knew you would never be caught? Would it be the right thing to do?
5. Does being just ever bring its own rewards?

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