Friday, 8 April 2011

May 5th - Singer and Greater Moral Evil

Reading: The whole Singer article

1. Whats Singer's main thesis?
2. What principle (often called the greater moral evil principle) does he set out (on pg 231) in order to aruge for his thesis? How does he think it supports his conclusion?
3. What other assumptions does he make? Can they be defended?
4. What is the objection considered on pg 236? How does Singer respond?
5. What is Sidgwick and Urmson's objection? How does Singer respond?
6. According to Singer on pg 239 we should not assume that giving to private charities will discourage goverment aid. Why does he make this claim? What conclusions does it allow him to draw? Is it a valid claim to be making?
7. What is the strong version and moderate version of the Greater Moral Evil Principle (look at pg 241)? Which version does Singer need to make his arugment valid?
8. Does Singer think philosophy has a role to play in public affairs? Do you?
9. To what extent are we morally required to help others?

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